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117 North 3rd Street, Easton PA 18042

Abstinence from addiction is only the beginning.

Northampton County residents are encouraged to pursue meaningful lives with purpose at the Change on 3rd Street. We provide a safe and sober environment which is staffed by people in recovery, who share similar experiences, and are willing to listen and assist people in early recovery. It takes a co˘Çââmunity to support the recovery process. This Northampton County initiative recognizes and supports the efforts and investment of those personally in recovery as well as those supporting their efforts.

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Our Mission

The Change on 3rd Street offers a safe environment to those seeking recovery and/or who are part of the treatment continuum.

Although we are not a treatment facility, we are able to assist those in need, refer members of the center to community resources as needed. We encourage and guide members to pursue meaningful lives with purpose at the Change on 3rd Street .

Our hope is that they will find inspiration, encouragement, support through the examples of our volunteers and staff at the center. It takes effort and a dedicated community to support the recovery process.


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